Programs & Services

  1. Educational, Literacy & Numeracy
  • To provide emotional support and a means of motivation to assist the child in learning and in effecting a successful transition into the public school.
  • To teach the visually impaired how to read and write Braille, health & science, national language, music, typing and computer lesson.
  • To teach the hearing impaired sign language, speech correction &development auditory and socialization for the development of their potentials both physical and intellectual.
  • Scholarship program to deserving indigent children and young adults with disability.
  1. Personality Development:
  • To become presentable and honorable when dealing with people in relation to their field of expertise such as massage & others.
  • To become more aware of the different ways of grooming and personal hygiene and be health conscious at all times.
  1. Livelihood Assistance/Skills Training:
  • To train and help them select a vocational skills that will interest the VI/HI young adults and available and marketable in the community. E.G. massage & reflexology & others
  1. Medical Program:
  • Primary health training for volunteers and parents
  • Assist in providing facilities and resources for those children in need of medical and dental care, psychological help, intelligence and audiometric testing and those children with special problems can be place in programs that will enable them to function normally in the community.
  • Encourage and mobilize individual and organization that will provide subsidies for children who may benefit from medical treatment/surgical procedure e.g. cleft lip and palate, hernia & others which enable to reach their potentials.
  1. Temporary Shelter:
  • To provide board & lodging to indigent differently abled children while studying and on the process of rehabilitation.
  1. Home for Orphaned Children:
  • To provide home care and  education to orphaned children  and protect them from