About Us

The International  Childrens’ Advocate, Inc. also know as NIÑO’S PAG-ASA CENTER is a non-profit and non-stock organization licensed by the Philippine government established to serve impoverished children, children and young adults with disability and deformities to reach out their special needs. This organization came into existence through the initiative of  Mrs. Anne Sweeney with Mrs. Araceli H. Menor,Lion Ong & wife Anne of Olongapo (Host) Lions Club in the year 1984.

In 1991 with the closure of the U. S. Facility wiped out our source of funding. We have had to close our feeding centers in Pampanga and other places in OlongapoCity. Nevertheless, we are determined to continue our programs serving children and young adults with disabilities.  We have planned several fund raising activities to mobilize funds for continuous education, rehabilitation and medical treatment of our children with deformities and children and young adults with disabilities.

From 1989 up to present our program provided medical care to more than  8,610 children,  6,621 malnourished children received well balance diet and back to normal weight and 1067 differently-able children served by our School. Thousands of children received Christmas packages, clothing, toys, food and shoes over the fast years.

Last year we have had an enrollees of 112  visually impaired children and young adults, this is through the sponsorship of AUSAid/PACAP-Philippine Australian Community Assistance Program We have 30 scholars in different public school, in College, High School & Elementary. 70 hearing impaired received human life development and speech correction & development through the help of CIDA  (Canadian Fund for Local Initiative).

Our volunteer leaders in different towns of Zambales, Bataan & Pampanga, AuroraProvince, Oriental Mindoro and TuguegaraoCity are very active participating in different activities in our program. Parents and relatives have undergone training for them to fully understand the feeling of their own child.

Through the help of PACAP, Rotary Club of Metro West Triangle, Cable Retriever, Action Japan & Fergal Morin & other individual sponsor many children were provided medical intervention, operation and medication.

Now we are extending our program in MIMAROPA 4-B.



  1. JOHN S. ONG MS.                                           ARACELI H. MENOR

President                                                     Executive Director

  1. MARTIN L. DOMINGO                             MS. GRACE E. DOMONDON

Vice-President                                        Social Worker

  1. GERARDO E. BADA                                 MR. RENE M. ONRUBIA

Treasurer                                      Social Worker

  1. RICARDO ISIDRO                               MS. CONSUELO H. MORZO

Secretary                                                    Field Worker

  1. ARACELI H. MENOR                              MS. EMELY B. GONZALES

Founding  Board of  Director                              Bookkeeper

  1. TERESITA FRIAS                                      MS. EDEN E. MORZO

Director                                                  Finance Officer


Director                                                  Computer Instructor

Continuation  Project Staff:


  1. MARIO MATEO                                                      Music Instructor

House Parent                                                        MR. LARRY BUSTILLO

  1. ROBERTO ROXAS                                 Teacher Aide

Volunteer Guard                                  MS. HELEN MANILA


For more information please contact: Telefax No. (047) 224-1286

Or Visit us at Zone 13, Mulawin Lane, Old Cabalan, Olongapo City

You can send your donation to PNB Olongapo  City Branch with

Acct. # 3965-212000-27 Acct. Name: Int’l Childrens’ Advocate, Inc.-swift code PNB MPHMM